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Rational Inquiry™

An extraordinary resource that can change your life


Knowing what to do is useless without the emotional strength to do what you know.
- Keith Raniere
Think back on your life and all of the things you wanted to do but never did. Perhaps you're achieving your goals and would like to progress faster. What’s stopping you? When you look around, you see people who are living up to their full potential and making their dreams come true. Are they stronger, brighter, or more courageous than you? The answer is "no." However, there is one essential difference: they have found the inner strength that enables them to accomplish whatever they set out to do. The will that transforms our ideas into actions, with our guiding beliefs, forms our emotional constitution.

Emotion is the internal force that empowers us to live our lives to the fullest and to achieve the success we desire and deserve. You too have that same strength and potential within you, but perhaps it's dormant, ignored, or short-circuited. That’s why you're prone to disappointment, missed opportunities, and regrets of what might have been. We've all heard stories of average people doing extraordinary things in critical circumstances. But how do we trigger the extraordinary within us without depending on circumstances? How do we build our inner strength and character?

Our programs facilitate this by developing and energizing your emotional foundation. Tapping into this extraordinary resource—no matter what your level of success—will forever transform your life. By revitalizing your inner strength and will, life's boundaries and limitations can be exceeded and even removed completely.

Very often these self-imposed limitations have become so familiar to us that we are not even aware they are there. Consider the scientific example in which a piranha is separated from food by a clear barrier. At first, the fish hits the barrier in an attempt to get food; soon the fish accepts the barrier as a permanent reality and never tries to cross it again. In fact, if the barrier is removed, the fish will starve to death rather than attempt crossing the non-existent barrier.

Our programs employ a unique, patent-pending technology called Rational Inquiry™, which allows you to re-examine and re-incorporate perceptions that may be the foundation of self-imposed limitations. Once these limitations are removed, the possibilities for success are virtually limitless. Human performance can be readily enhanced in practically every field of human endeavor. Rational Inquiry™ was created by scientist, mathematician, philosopher, and entrepreneur Keith Raniere and has been implemented and co-developed with Nancy Salzman, President of ESP. It is a science based on the belief the more consistent an individual's beliefs and behavior patterns are, the more successful they will be in everything they do. Rational Inquiry™ yields reproducible, predictable, and measurable results and has a more personal application that inspires the individual to expand and grow. This unique model allows for the creation of permanent improvement and change. ESP's programs focus on creating consistency in all areas and help develop the practical, emotional, and intellectual skills people need to reach their maximum potential.

Strengthening your emotional constitution brings about inner breakthroughs that can dramatically raise the level of your performance and achievement. Challenges can be transformed from obstacles into opportunities, enabling you to take the initiative to live the way you want to live, and to accomplish what you set out to do. As a result, you’ll experience the joy and power of taking control of your life and look ahead to a future in which all things are possible.

We invite you to experience what many are calling the most revolutionary discovery of our untapped potential.


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